SIGMA Decentralized Network (SDN) is a decentralized network of digital assets built on GraphNet distributed ledger technology. What is Graphnet? It's like blockchain, but better!

SIGMA Decentralized Network - created for you!

Digital currency acquiring
Transaction processing does not require nodes to use any type of mining or staking, allowing for a classic business model in which nodes play the role of acquiring banks. We call this model digital currency acquiring.
Mission and
Future Vision
The global users and business community are interested in using digital currencies, but the technological solutions and business models that exist in this area make it extremely inconvenient.

The mission of our project is to implement a classic business model in the field of digital currencies, in which the main resource for business is loyal users, and not the amount of computing or financial resources.
Classical simplicity and convenience of innovative solutions!

Basic ideas and concepts of the SDN network

SIGMA Decentralized Network
It is a decentralized network, which is an association of independent segments related to individual digital currencies.
Digital Banknote
The main payment instrument in the SDN network. It is a digital analogue of physical (paper) banknotes.
Digital Bill
An additional payment instrument. Making a payment is the process of redeeming a banknote using an account.
GraphNet Technology
This technology is the next stage in the evolution of distributed ledger technology. GraphNet allows parallel processing of transactions by an unlimited number of network nodes.
This consensus protocol ensures that different copies of ledgers are negotiated under conditions where the node processing the transaction is designated by the user.
Transactions Meta Routing
This is a flexible data routing technology based on security priorities, which determines the order in which data about new transactions are distributed in the network.
Making digital currencies friendly
Digital currencies are great, but we can make them more convenient
User mistake protection
Payments using digital banknotes and digital accounts are protected against transfer to the «void».
Stop using any «gas»
To make transactions with any assets of the SDN network, users do not need to have any «gas». Commissions are paid in the currency of the transaction.
Deterministic fees
All nodes determine in advance the amount of their commission for processing a transaction. Which node will process the transaction user decides itself.
Global business
The business model of the SDN network is focused on a global community of entrepreneurs who have loyal customers.
SDN network - It's new possibilities for you
We are working to ensure that our users and our partners get new possibilities in the format they are used to
Digital currencies issue
The SDN network provides its users with the opportunity to issue full-fledged digital currencies, customizing them for their tasks:
The issuer can receive a fee from each transaction
Anonymity level (full, conditional, zero)
Issue model (dynamic, one-time, by the issuer's decision)
Different circulation rules for one currency in different jurisdictions
Type of digital currency (centralized, decentralized, hybrid)
The processing of user transactions takes place in the classic acquiring format. It means users independently choose a node that will process their transaction on the terms that were previously specified by the node. No mining or staking is required for the nodes.

This means that entrepreneurs who already have loyal customers can provide them an additional service to process their payments and capitalize on it.
Digital currencies acquiring
Just deploy an SDN node on your server and earn every time your customers ask you to process their payment.
Classical distribution model of digital currencies emission
All network users can take part in the distribution of the emission of digital currencies issued in the SDN network. It is enough just to store the currency.
The issued funds will be distributed as a percentage of the balance, as it has always been in classical banks.
SDN implements a decentralized version of the risk-free currency exchange mechanism well known as Payment-vs-Payment (PvP).
No risk currency exchange
This mechanism eliminates the need for a trusted intermediary, which is necessary to eliminate counterparty risk in exchange transactions.

SDN network ecosystem

It is the team providing development of SDN network software.
Sigma Decentralized Foundation
individuals, companies and entrepreneurs who issued their digital currencies in the SDN network.
Digital currencies issuers
Companies and entrepreneurs that ensure the functioning of SDN nodes; their task is to process user transactions.
Infrastructure operators
Individuals, companies and entrepreneurs using digital currencies of the SDN network as a means of payment for goods and services, as well as for other purposes.
When making transactions, its participants are based on the following model:

Business model

The nodes receive rewards
The nodes receive rewards from users and in turn pay a fee:
  • to the digital currency issuer in the SDN network where the transaction was made
  • to Sigma Decentralized Foundation
SDN network users pay rewards
SDN network users pay rewards to network nodes that process their transactions.

Depending on the specific scenario, the fee to nodes can be paid by both the payer and the payee.
Basic digital products
Sigma Unit
  • The first cryptocurrency of the SDN network, with a limited issuance offer and placement of emission in the form of interest on the volume of user funds.
Sigma Gov
  • A digital asset used as a governance tool for the DAO Sigma Decentralized Foundation.
Sigma Rare
  • Rare commemorative, non-fungible digital banknotes which are the main numismatic treasure of the SDN network.


  • Igor Shirokov

    Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (Ph.D.)
    Team Role: Founder, information security,
    cryptographic protocols development.
  • Oleg Kurnyavko
    Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (Ph.D.)
    Team Role: Founder, digital product design,
    cryptographic protocols and software
  • Maksim Maksimov
    Businessman, private investor
    Team Role: Founder, digital product design, economics, marketing, finance development
    and investor relations.
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